Friday, 6 June 2008

How the Internet Helped Barack Obama

I really don’t know if I have to apologise for bringing Barack Obama into my blog but after reading in the Independent how Silicon Valley helped him raise over Two hundred million US Dollars during the recently concluded Democratic Presidential nomination campaigns I thought it was something I had to share with you.

The amount of money the Barack Obama campaign raised over the Internet and the way the money was raised is just a typical example of how powerful the Internet is as a money-making tool. The Obama campaign website, is in itself a social networking media, like facebook, where volunteers meet up and discuss ideas and strategies on how to create an effective campaign. Traditionally, candidates for elections in the United States relied on certain fundraisers to gather rich and influential people together and raise money from them. Remember however, what the golden rule is, ‘he who gives the gold makes the rules’. While in the past Presidential candidates relied on about one hundred people who could donate a hundred thousand Dollars each, the Obama campaign team created a social networking hub consisting of millions of people who donated their time, ideas and other resources. They also donated money no matter how small. In some cases the donations were as small as $50:00. The Obama campaign team also created electronic products like ring-tones, which volunteers bought. Each time their phone rang they would remember their commitment to the Obama cause and usually the first question they would ask the caller is, ‘have you registered to vote yet?’ The Barack Obama campaign team also prides itself in not receiving any sum of money from Washington lobbyists.

The Internet provided Barack Obama, not only with a bottomless cash machine but a limitless number of foot soldier.

Now, you definitely do not need the sort of money Barack Obama raised within the time frame he raised it, which means the Internet can provide you with the sort of money you need if you know what to do.

I will be starting a series of posts on how to draw traffic to your blog next week and I am really looking forward to it. I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Wish everyone a nice weekend.

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