Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Traffic Generation Tips (2)

In my last post I explained why leaving comments on other people’s blogs will bring traffic to your blog. It’s not enough for people to visit your blog once you want them to come back expecting to find useful material there.

One of the ways to guarantee repeat visitors is to write ‘how to’ posts. If you write posts explaining to people how to do things they will always want to come back and learn.

Conduct adequate research on how a certain thing is done or to be done within a niche market and put a post up on this.

One of the best methods of writing a ‘how to’ post is to outline your points in a chronological order. By doing this, your readers will find it easier to read your posts. You can even make the title reflect this method. For instance, ‘ten methods of preparing a romantic dinner’ or ‘ten mistakes to avoid as an Internet marketing beginner.’ These headings make your posts look more attractive.

The thing about human beings is that we are very curious and constantly seeking to learn new things. A lot of people write blogs about their personal lives and that is good. After all, a blog is like a diary. If you want to make money with your blog however, I’m sorry to inform you that very few people are interested in your personal life. A lot of people want to learn something new. Most people want to learn something Mr. Jones down the street has never heard off. The best way to make money with your blog is to come across as giving value to people by teaching them how to perform a particular task they could not perform before. On the other hand, if you are a celebrity then your personal life could be so interesting that you would attract a lot of visitors to your blog.

Finally, when writing your ‘how to’ blog make sure that the processes covered are simplified to the barest minimum without coming across as condescending. A lot of people like to read simplified material but you don’t want to give your visitors the impression that you think they are dumb.

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