Monday, 9 June 2008

Traffic Generation Tips (1)

When I started this blog, I stated that my mission was to form a team of beginners to Internet/online marketing. I started by telling you experiences I’ve had in the past and the lessons I have learnt from those experiences. I also put up posts from time to time relating to developments in Internet technology to encourage people about the ever growing prospects of Internet marketing.

I am going to start today, a series on how to attract traffic to your blog. Someone once likened writing a blog, which attracts no visitors to winking in the dark, you are the only one who knows what you are doing.

The tips I’m going to give are in no particular order.

This is probably the simplest advice that could be given to a beginner blogger. A friend of mine, who is also an Internet newbie set up a blog talking about events relating to his home country. He had been in the United Kingdom for over ten years and had not returned to his native country for a long time. My friend was hoping to clinch the blogging pole position as regard blogs relating to that country so he was disappointed to find out that there were quite a number of people blogging from that country but he started communicating with them by leaving comments on their blogs. Sometime he would leave comments on six-ten different blogs on a single day. Less than two weeks after he started writing this blog, he was pleasantly surprised to discover that his profile had been viewed almost one hundred times. He then explained to me that it’s almost automatic to want to visit a blog if the owner had left a comment on your blog. In some cases, being a newbie and out of excitement he would visit the commentator’s blog just to say, ‘thank you for leaving a comment on my blog’.
Another tip beginner bloggers receive is to visit blogs written by the leading bloggers in your chosen niche and leave comments on their blogs. That is probably good for trackbacks. If you leave comments on such blogs however in order to attract the blogger’s attention you might be disappointed as very few of them are able to visit blogs written by everybody who leaves a comment on their blogs. The reason is that everybody wants their attention just like you do. A strategy I have devised is to visit blogs written by bloggers leaving comments on such blogs. I don’t go after the main blogger, I go after bloggers seeking his attention. For these bloggers, this saying becomes true, ‘if you reach for the moon and fail you might be able to catch some stars’. Never mind the astrological inaccuracy of that statement.
So you can leave a comment on a blog written by the leading blogger in your niche but leave comments also on a few other blogs written by other people who have also left comments. These other bloggers tend to appreciate your comments better than the leading blogger and the likelihood that they will visit your blog is higher.

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