Monday, 16 June 2008

Traffic Generation Tips (3)

In continuation of my Traffic generation tips I want to talk about the importance of having video clips on your blog. There is an impact video plays in conveying a message that written words cannot. When a visitor is watching a video, he only sits back and relax but when he is reading you are making him do something. Few people want to read anymore because fewer people want to do anything for themselves these days.

One of the ways to ensure that your visitors come back to your site is to accompany your blogs with relevant videos once in a while. I’m sure you’ll be wondering why I’m not taking that advice I have just given you myself. Note that I said, relevant videos not just any video. When I get a relevant video I will definitely insert one into my post.

I was supposed to have put this post up last week Friday in continuation of my Traffic generation tips series. Like everyone else however, I checked my personal e-mail and I saw a mail from Patrick Chan, a well know Info product entrepreneur and I always read Patrick’s mail as soon as I see one. It was the latest post on his blog that he forwarded to me. Now, as if Patrick was reading my mind the post was about the impact copy-writing had over video for the purpose of promoting a product. I posted a comment back to Patrick disagreeing with him. That was the first time I would disagree with him. Like I mentioned above, a video does the work for you while you just sit back and relax. It fills in so many blank spaces left by written words.

I also mentioned that it could actually be easier to get a video clip especially with the proliferation of video sharing sites these days. Whereas, compelling a visitor to take an action like buying a product with written words could actually require some expertise. I also mentioned in my comment that if a picture is described as ‘a thousand words’ then what is a video? Probably a million words.

The interesting thing was that Patrick posted a reply to my dissenting view a few hours later and that thought me a lesson, these Internet Marketers work really hard. Again, I would like to say that making money on the Internet could be very rewarding but it is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’ with no hard work. In his response he clarified his position and I got to understand him better. In his response he suggested the integration of both video and text.

Patrick’s response takes me back to my first traffic generation tip about leaving comments. There’s no way to tell if Patrick visited my blog but at least I got his attention and for me that is good enough. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
To get traffic you’ve got to leave comments on other people’s blogs.


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