Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Internet Marketing Basics

So you wanna be an Internet millionaire? My first advice to you is this, do not let the failure stories you hear discourage you. In another article of mine, I stated that Affiliate-marketing could be very lucrative if you work out a way of getting free traffic or you make more money than it costs you to get traffic, that’s what you call a good ROI(Return on Investments).
Let us cover a few basic steps about making money online: To make money online you need an online presence, a website. Creating a website has never been easier. It even gets easier with a blog. Oh, I’m sure you all know what a blog is.
I bet some of you are already going, “definitely not blogging!” Yes, I’m also aware of the scary statistics, over a hundred and twenty thousand blogs created everyday, millions of posts per day. You start to wonder, who is ever going to see my blog?
I have discovered that one of the reasons it’s sometimes difficult to make an impact is that we are always looking at the negative not the positive. Let me give some interesting statistics about blogging:
1.) Less than half of the blogs in blogosphere are written in English so that greatly reduces your competition among English speakers.
2.) Out of the 120,000 blogs created everyday, about 3,000 to 7,000 are known as spam blogs or splogs and shouldn’t be reckoned with.
3.) Also, in blogging, consistency matters a lot. A significant number of bloggers don’t update their blogs regularly. You can always do a random check and you’ll find out that very few bloggers update their blogs regularly. If you are serious about blogging as a gateway to your business that fact should give you an edge if you update your blog regularly. Remember what they said about search engine spiders? They love fresh content. Oh yes, it ain’t gonna be easy. I don’t remembered telling anyone I’ve found the easiest way to making money online. I keep saying that making money online could be both interesting and rewarding but it is not supposed to be a ‘get-rich-quick’ venture.
Ways to make your presence known easily in the blogosphere include, 1.) making comments on other people’s blogs. Not just comments like, “Great blog” or “Nice One” but relevant comments that will make the writer of the blog know that you actually read his post. Another factor to take into consideration is to only leave comments on blogs, which already have their “no follow” tags switched off. These blogs allow the web spiders to follow your comments back to your own blog.
2.) Make use of social bookmarking website like and to attract traffic. Another very good one is “stumble upon.”
Please remember to register your blog with technorati, which is believed to be the number one blog directory site in the world.
3.) Finally, do not forget to submit articles to leading article submission sites.
Consistency is the name of the game. If you are consistent and diligent you will pull the traffic to your blog, which you can always redirect to your main site. I believe that it’s a downhill journey from there.

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Sandy said...

I think that is very good advice.
I had a website with a blog on the same subject. My blog was indexed much more quickly and comes up in Google much more often and higher than my website.
I have kept the blog but abandoned the website.

I will look forward to your further posts.