Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Snap!

I have been fiddling with making money on the Internet since 1999. To that I’m sure some people will say, ‘only that recently?’ I need to add however, that I’m yet to make a considerable amount not because there’s no money to be made on the Internet but because that thing just never ‘snapped’ in me until now. I once went for an Internet Marketing seminar featuring the likes of Ewan Chia and Patrick Chan, (know them?) Anyway, I met a gentleman at the seminar who told me that he had also been fiddling around the Internet for years without making any money until something ‘snapped’ in him and he made about £24,000:00 (Twenty four thousand Pounds) in about a week or something of that sort. That was December 2006. I didn’t experience that snap until this morning on my way to the Post Office.

My name is Kunle, pronounced as spelt. Okay, let me see if I can help you further although I’m no linguist. I believe for English speakers, its pronounced KOON – LAY, or QUN-LAY and this is going to be my first blog on how to make money on the Internet.

Sorry, did I make that sound like I was an expert Internet entrepreneur? Please don’t get me wrong. Like most bloggers, I’m just an ordinary fellow who is documenting his foray into the rather cumbersome and sometime frustrating, but, I must add, interesting, endeavour of making money Online.

Back in 1999 when Google was just about a year old and not publicly quoted, long before video became a standard feature on the Internet I had an idea for a website that would have generated content by itself and probably, note that I said probably, earned me truckloads of money by now. So why did I not pursue this idea? It had not snapped. Yes, that’s it. Whatever snapped in me this morning had not snapped and I abandoned the idea.

Is there a similar website on the Internet today doing what I could have started about nine years ago? Not to my knowledge.

In my next blog, I will probably, note again that I said probably, share with you the idea I had back then. It’s impossible to register the copyright to a business idea so you are more than welcome to run with it. On the contrary, you might immediately dismiss the possibility of the idea ever catching on. So maybe I was only following my instincts by not wasting my time pursuing the idea.

It snapped this morning and the interesting idea of forming a team hit me. If it really hasn’t and this is just a passing phase you probably will not see any further postings from me but as long as I continue posting blogs it probably has.

Finally, does your computer underline the word blogs as well? I think it’s time we included the words, blogs, bloggers, blogging and all other associated words into the English dictionary.

See ya!

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