Tuesday, 27 May 2008

My Internet Marketing Mission

I wasn’t a little shocked when I asked a friend to read my blog and he came back to tell me that he didn’t understand what I was all about. A little intro to my friend, he makes money on the Internet and he is too busy to blog. End of intro.

I had to explain to him that my blog was not exactly for people like him, he already makes money on the Internet. I am writing for people who would love to start making some money on the Internet but don’t even know how to look for the necessary information to begin with. It’s a jungle out there and a lot of people are afraid of suffering from ‘information-overload.’ There’s so much information out there and you don’t even know where to start from. Here is where to start.

If you are an experienced Internet entrepreneur like my friend and you find the information on my blog too elementary please don’t walk away. Drop a line, let’s know where we can find you and possibly learn a few things from you.

I’m writing in these days of ‘credit-crunch’ when a lot of people are losing their jobs just as fuel and other basic utilities are getting more and more expensive. Some families are facing foreclosures, known as repossession in the United Kingdom. A lot of people would like to know what to do to earn a little extra income.

If you consider other businesses that people do on the side to supplement their incomes, making money online has a lot of advantages over these other businesses.

Property for instance, to invest in property you need to have a good credit rating and some money for deposit before you can buy a property. Please don’t even talk about those so called ‘no money down deals’. I used to be a conveyancer and I know all about them. This blog is not the forum to talk about them.
On the other hand, setting up an Internet business requires very little capital and has nothing to do with your credit score. Besides, it’s a lot of fun. I could go on and on about other businesses.

Internet business is it and this is the place to start because I’m assuming everybody who’s reading this blog knows nothing about Internet marketing. I have read other blogs written on ‘Internet marketing, affiliate marketing and stuff. Really nice blogs and well written too. The problem however, is that the writers assume the readers already have an ongoing Internet marketing business.

I’m assuming you don’t have an Internet business going, you’re looking for how to start one and you’ve come to read my blog, Welcome. I’ll source for the information you need and bring it here for you.

When I explained all that to my friend he nodded in agreement. Did I really have to go into all that explanation? No wonder he sometimes comes across as thick.

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