Monday, 2 June 2008

More Blogging Tips For Beginners

I am still on the issue of blogging and the difficulty in getting your blog seen by the outside world. That reminds me of a story recorded in three of the gospels, Mathew, Mark and Luke. I particularly like St. Marks’s version of the incident. It is more detailed than the other versions. It’s not important whether you believe the story or not, (I do). It’s the principle being taught in the story that is important.
During the time of Jesus Christ, there was a blind beggar in Jericho named Bartimeus who always sat by the side of the road begging. The bible records that when Bartimeus heard that Jesus Christ was approaching Jericho on a particular day he started calling out to him in a loud voice for help. The bible records further that the people around him urged him to keep quiet but the more they urged him the louder Bartimeus shouted. Eventually, Jesus Christ heard him shouting and asked him to be brought up to him. According to St. Mark, the irony of the situation was that it was the same people who were urging him to keep quiet that helped him to his feet and took him to Jesus Christ who restored his sight.
One of the principles to be learned here is that Bartimeus was not the only person who needed help from Jesus Christ on that day but it was his tenacity that got him what he wanted. The same principle can be applied to blogging. Agreed, you are not the only blogger out there but you could make a commitment to post a blog every single day, read as many blogs on your chosen blog topic with a view to posting as many sensible comments as possible. That is the method I have decided to adopt and I am certain that I will be noticed.
Here are a few points to note when considering blogging as a gateway to Internet marketing:
1) Out of the millions of blogs out there less than half are in English and a significant number are mere splogs.
2) There are countless subject-matters on which blogs are written. Your competitors would only be among those writing on the same subject matter you have chosen.
3) Reading their blogs would give you an insight into what sub-topics they are not covering and a fresh angle from which you can approach the subject-matter.

Let us consider the following in summary:

1.) How many people post a blog every single day on a particular topic?
2.) How many of these people who post a blog every single day on a particular topic read other people’s blogs and post comments?
3.) How may sub-topics on a particular subject-matter are being covered by these bloggers?
4.) Finally, what fresh angle can you approach the subject matter of your blog from?

I’m sure that if you consider all these the number of blogs, which will be on all fours with yours will be greatly reduced and that should make you feel better about blogging and getting noticed.

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Anuj said...

Well I stumble across your blog accidentally first, but something always asked to me come back and I am happy I did.

Your blog is one good find. I also learned the term "Splog", thats a good addition to my web vocab.

Finally, You are absolutely right in your thoughts about consistency. It comes next only to uniqueness and quality.

Regards and good luck.

Anuj Pathania.

P.S. : I read your all blogs up to now, Keep up the good work.